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TB 45 Limit Controller Temp Control

Mã sản phẩm: TB 45
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The TB 45 temperature limiter is intended for precise, cost-effective signal monitoring & limiting tasks.
The TB 45 can be used for heating and refrigeration processes. It is suitable for all thermocouple types and resistance type sensors. It is particularly designed for use in:

  • All applications where an over or under temperature fault condition could present fire hazard or other hazard
  • Heating system in buildings to DIN EN 12828
  • Large hot-water boilers to DIN EN 12953-6
  • Thermal transfer plants with organic heat transfer media to DIN 4754
  • Oil-fired installations to DIN 4755
  • Limit signalling function for any type of input signal

Benefits & Features

  • Compact solution for distributed automation
  • Display and operating functions
  • 2 universal inputs for TC, RTD, R, U, I, O2
  • Universal output, relays / optocoupler outputs
  • Front interface and BlueControl®-software
  • RS 485 interface
  • Compact design, only 22.5 mm (0.87”) wide - saves space in the control cabinet
  • Clips onto top-hat DIN rail
  • Plug-in screw terminals or spring-clamp connectors - simple connection
  • Dual-line LC display with additional display elements - process values always in view
  • Convenient 3-key operation
  • Direct communication between mounted controllers, fieldbus connections via bus coupler - simple integration into PLC / PC
  • Universal input- also reduces stock keeping
  • Second analog input as universal input (optional)
  • Universal high-resolution output as combined voltage/current output
  • Two output relays or optocoupler outputs
  • Fast 100 ms response - also suitable for fast signals

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