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EZE15 Aluminium Diecast Housing

Mã sản phẩm: EZE15 Aluminium Diecast Housing
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Tecsis Sensor

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Strain gauge amplifiers are used to transform the mV/V output-signals of strain gauges in amplified signals with a higher fault resistance. By the use of an amplifier it is also possible to connect sensors to displays and controlling units with the need for an amplified signal.  The model EZE15X004 is provided with a very robust housing and  two mounting bores in the housing allow to mount the amplifier at fitting locations. The die casting housing is designed for harsh environments according to protection class IP 67.


  • Strain gauge amplifier in robust field housing
  • Outputsignals 0/4...20mA or 0...±10 V or 0...±5 V (3-Wire)
  • Accuracy 0.02% of full scale
  • Limit frequency up to 1kHz (-3db) for dynamic applications
  • Also available with 5 KHz (-3db) or 10 kHz (-3db) (optional)
  • Needed power supply 16-32 VDC (optional 8-16 VDC)
  • Can be used with load cells with 100% Control-shunt
  • Compact design
  • Zero point, span and filter arbitrary adjustable
  • Small design
  • Protection class IP 67

In combination with force transducers or load cells the strain gauge amplifier EZE15X004 can be used in applications to measure forces or in industrial weighing. It is possible to connect all kinds of strain gauges with an output signal between 0.9 mV/V up to 3 mV/V. The internal sensor supply can be chosen by a switch and is either 5 or 10 VDC. Usually the amplifier is not pre-adjusted and the customer connects it to the force transducer and also adjusts it. Because of the 3-wire analogue output with 4...20 mA, 0...10 V or 0...5 V and the needed supply energy for the amplifier between 16 and 36 V it is possbile to connect the amplifier directly to PLC. Those normaly come with matching analogue inputs which offer a supply energy of 24 V. There is also a version available which needs a supply energy between 8-16 VDC (not available for outputsignal 0...10 V).

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