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Tecsis Sensor

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The portable measuring instrument E3906100 with 4,5 digit display is connectable to strain gauge force transducers and load cells with mV/V output signal. Because of the power supply by (recharchable) batteries and the compact design the instrument suits the needs of mobile measurement services.


  • Portable measurement instrument
  • Strain gauges up to 3,5 mV/V can be analyzed
  • Freely scaleable 4,5 digit LCD-Display
  • Maximum value memory
  • Accuracy 0,3% of the full scale
  • Easy adjustment through microswitches and potentiometer
  • Strain gauges starting at 265 Ohm connectable
  • Bridge supply 4 VDC
  • Runs with external power supply as well as with (rechargeable) batteries
  • Can be used with load cells with 100% Control-shunt
  • User friendly and easy to maintain because of the handy design
  • Force transducers are connected via SUB-D15 plug
  • Protection class IP 40

In combination with force transducers and load cells the portable measuring instrument E3906100 is used in mobile test devices for load or weight tests or for calibration.It is possible to connect all kinds of strain gauge force transducer with an output signlal of up to 3,5 mV/V. Microswitches allow to choose between input ranges of 0...0,35 mV/V to max 0...3,5 mV/V. The internal sensor supply is 4 VDC. The connection to the force transducer and the adjustment are done in the factory. Microswitches and potentiometer allow an easy adjustment of zero point, span, decimal point and scale. The compact hand held measuring instrument can be used flexible. It is possible to choose between standard (rechargeable) batteries or a power supply unit with integrated battery charger. The energy saving mode with 15 minute timer automatically turns off the instrument. The integrated maximum value memory and inverse signal function can be switched on and off by keys. There are LEDs on those keys to monitor their mode. Another key turns on the 100 % controll (when available, check the data sheet of the sensor) of the sensors. This option allows to adjust the E3906 to a sensor and to check the adjustment at any time.

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