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UTM10 Non-intrusive ultrasonic liquid flowmeter

Mã sản phẩm: UTM10 Non-intrusive ultrasonic liquid flowmeter
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Spirax Sarco

The UTM10 - the new ultrasonic clamp-on fl ow and energy meter for chilled and hot water applications from Spirax Sarco.
Easy to install and maintain, it provides accurate and repeatable measurement readings on clean fluids and liquids with small amounts of solids or aeration, without line shutdown or pipe penetration.

•  Compact all-in-one package supplied ready for easy installation into your application.
•  Reduces costs with rapid, non-invasive installation that requires no pipe penetration and no line shutdown.
•  No separate fl ow computer or mechanical connections required (no inline fl anges, pipe fi ttings, strainers or fi lters).
•  No fl uid compatibility issues and no contamination risk (especially for systems using distilled or de-ionised water).
•  Precise, reliable system accuracy of ±1% of rate over a 10:1 bi-directional fl ow range.
•  No moving parts, no mechanical wear and no need to shut down your process for maintenance.
•  The knowledge to provide effective solutions and support for our customers.

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