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Pressure powered pump

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Spirax Sarco

  • Automatic pumps specifically designed to remove and recover condensate.
  • Self-contained units using steam or other pressurised gas as their motive power.
  • No electric motors or level switches, simplifying installation & making ideal for hazardous areas.

  • One pump design covers all applications.
  • Pumps high temperature fluids without cavitation, reducing plant maintenance problems.
  • Suited to pump other industrial fluids.
  • Compact design which contains all the equipment needed to drain or remove condensate for all load conditions. Innovative patent applied for low profile mechanism.
  • Mechanisms operate with as little as 200 mm installation head from the base of the pump.
  • APT10, APT14 and APT14HC- SG iron DIN EN JS 1025 (EN GJS 400-18LT) and ASTM A395 body and cover 3.1 certifiable. APT14SHC - Carbon steel EN 1.0619+N and ASTM A216 WCB body and cover 3.1 certifiable.
    The APT range is designed in accordance with DIN and ASME standards.
    Optional- The body and cover are available with an electroless nickel plate (ENP) finish. (Not APT14SHC)
  • All stainless steel internals, with low profile robust stainless steel fl oats.
  • High integrity trapped cover gasket.
  • High capacity two stage trap module plus precision ball outlet check valve. The HC and SHC versions have a separate outlet disc check valve.
  • Low resistance swing type inlet check valve.
  • Positive snap action pump mechanism with replaceable valves and seats.
  • Available connections: APT10-4.5 and APT14 (not HC and SHC) screwed BSP / NPT connections, with ½" screwed BSP or NPT motive fluid connections. The APT14, APT14HC and APT14SHC flanged PN16, ANSI 150, JIS / KS 10, with ½" screwed BSP or NPT motive fluid connections.
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