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Insertion turbine flow-meter

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Spirax Sarco

The RIM10 rotor insertion flow meter for steam, gases and liquids can be fitted directly into operational pipework using standard hot-tapping techniques, eliminating the need to disrupt production for installation:

  • Typical savings compared to full-bore flowmeters:
    - 80% for the 600 mm (24") pipelines and - 50% for 250 mm (10") pipelines.
  • Suitable for installation and servicing under full flow conditions.
  • Delivers accurate measurements for excellent energy management.
  • Outstanding for low flowrate and wide turndown applications.
  • Process pressure up to 137.8 bar g (2 000 psi g) and Process temperatures up to 400°C (750°F)

The RIM10 is hot tap compatible making it versatile for installation into virtually any application; ultimately it avoids the expense and unnecessary disruption to critical processes often associated with installation of flowmetering equipment. The sensor is easy to install and maintain in pipelines ranging from 75 mm to 2000 mm (3" to 80") under full flow conditions without process shutdown.
The RIM10 is especially economical for large pipe diameters of 300 mm (8") and upwards, where inline installation costs may be prohibitive.
Even when the RIM10 has been selected for use in smaller pipeline sizes, the low maintenance liability makes the total cost of ownership attractive.
Turndown of 25:1, plus outstanding linearity at low flowrates is achieved through the six field-installable rotor assemblies constructed of high grade stainless steel with different turbine pitches. The benefit of this technology is the accuracy you get, even in the more difficult applications, delivering reliable performance with high pressure flows and high process temperatures up to 400°C (750°F).
The RIM10 multi-variable electronics also incorporate an RTD to provide a compensated mass flowrate of liquid, gas and steam, so any fluctuations in pressure can be taken into account to consistently provide error-free flowmetering.

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