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:: TMP - Field Cuttable ::
Field Cuttable Temperature Sensor Probes can be cut from 24" to 3.5"
Thermocouple or RTD
Measure temperature up to 704° C/1300° F

:: TMP QD - Quick Disconnect ::
Quick Disconnect Temperature Probes
Choice of 304 Stainless Steel, Inconel 600 or XL Sheath
Mating Connector (with "write on label") and PLCM Cable Clamp with Locking Clip Included with Miniature and Standard Size Probes
XL High Temperature Probe Available
Standard Universal Female Connector Compatible with Mini and Standard Size Probes
Meets or Exceeds SLE and EN 60584-2: Tolerance Class 1
Color Coded Connector Body
Thermocouple Wire and Retractable Sensor Cables are also available

:: TMPCN - Connector ::
Standard and Mini Connectors
Available in Male and Female Termination
Choice of K, T, E, and J Types
Write on Label for Easy Identification

:: TMPKC, TMPKU, TMPKB - High Temp, Utility, & Compression ::
TMPKC - High Temperature Thermocouple

Flexible and Abrasion Resistant
Smooth, Rounded Tip on "Hot" Side
Male High Temperature Standard Size Ceramic Connector on "Cold" Side
TMPKU - Handheld Utility Thermocouples

Retractable Cable with Superior Memory
Subminiature Connector for use with Handheld Thermometers
Molded Handle Rated to 220° C (425° F)
Meets or Exceeds SLE and EN 60584-2: Tolerance Class 1
TMPKB - Spring Loaded Compression Fitting Thermocouple

Ideal for Extruders/Molding and Packing Machines
Cold End Termination is High Temperature Nickel Zinc Ferrite Core Standard Male Connector
Standard Male Connector is Designed for Suppression of Electromagnetic Interference

:: TMPKTJ - Transition Joint ::
Transition Joint Probes
Choice of 304 SS, Inconel 600 or XL Sheath
Stripped bare wire ends
XL High Temperature Probe Available
Meets or Exceeds SLE and EN 60584-2: Tolerance Class 1

TMPRT001 - Advanced Design Surface Mount RTD Sensor

100 Ohm DIN Class A (± 0.06 W or ±0.06% at 0°C) Accuracy Standard
Easy-installation Silicone Based, Self Backing Rated to 260°C (500°F)
Sensor can be reapplied
Stripped 3 Wire Leads (Connectors sold separately)
10 Foot Lead Length
Ideal for Flat or Curved Surfaces
Able to withstand High Vibration Environments
TMPRT002 - Pipe Plug RTD Sensor

Ideal for use in Pressure Vessel Applications, 172 bar (2500 psi) maximum
6 mm (0.24") diameter, SST probe
Steel braided, Teflon PFA insulated lead wires
High Accuracy 100 ohm Class A DIN platinum element (European Curve)
Cold side 3 prong miniature connector included
Strain relief spring
TMPCNM09 & TMPCNM10 - RTD Probe Connectors

TMPCNM09 - Male
TMPCNM10 - Female

:: TMPT - Amplifier ::
TMPTRN01-TMPTRN06 - 2 Wire Thermocouple Connectors with Built-in Signal Amplifier

TMPTRN07 - 2 Wire RTD Connector with Built-in Signal Amplifier

Compatible with J, K, and T Type Ungrounded Thermocouples (TMPTRN01-TMPTRN06)
Compatible with RTD Sensors (TMPTRN07)
Encapsulated Electronics Housing
Factory Calibrated, No Adjustments Required
Provides Industry Standard Two Wire
4-20 mA Analog Output
Provides Open Sensor Wire Indication (TMPTRN07)

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