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Orange Research

Variable-Area Flowmeters
Our flowmeters are designed for those applications where a rotameter is not appropriate. Consider the inherent problems of rotameters--they are difficult to read, especially with dirty or opaque fluids, have low pressure ratings and allow vertical orientation only. Now consider that our models have large dials with bold markings and characters that are easy to read from a distance, handle high line pressures and can be mounted in any orientation.

Like rotameters, they are mounted directly in the flow stream, but with bodies machined from solid blocks of metal, they handle high-pressure applications of up to 5000 psi (vs 150 psi for rotameters). This makes them a natural for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
These variable-area models are designed for medium- to high-flow applications. The sensor, a movable Delrin cone, rests in a precision orifice. Changes in fluid flow cause the sensor to move against a stainless steel spring while the flowrate is indicated on an easy-to-read dial face.
We offer them with bodies (and wetted parts) of aluminum, stainless steel or brass. A variety of dial sizes are available, from 2.5 inch to 4.5 inch. Choose from a wide selection of standard options; enough to satisfy any requirement.

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