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GF Signet 3-0250 USB to S3L Converter/Diagnostic Tool

Mã sản phẩm: GF Signet 3-0250
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Part number 3-0250
Manufactured by Georg Fischer / GF Signet
User-friendly interface
Multi-language software
Configure all blind sensors
Configure all modifiable parameters in the sensor (4mA, 20mA, unit selection, K-factors, sensitivity, averaging, low-flow cut-off)
Monitor sensor data or log sensor data to a file
Monitor mV and temperature readings in pH/ORP sensors
Graph sensor data
Red and blue LED power and data indicators
6 ft. USB extension cable
This product is an accessory for the following products:
GF Signet 2250 Submersible Pressure Sensor
GF Signet 2551 Magmeter
GF Signet 2552 Magmeter

The GF Signet 3-0250 USB to S3L Configuration / Diagnostic Tool interfaces with Signet's various digital sensors to allow users to configure parameters stored inside the Signet sensors. As a diagnostic tool, the 3-0250 allows for monitoring sensor values and/or logging the data to a file. In the monitor mode, the process value, as well as the 4-20mA value, can be displayed and graphed on the screen.
The GF Signet 3-0250 has many benefits such as offering unlimited field configuration cycles, saving customers service fees to have the sensors configured at the factory. The tool pays for itself after 2 to 3 uses. The new USB interface provides power to drive the sensors and the USB module for most sensors. With some basic logging features, this tool can be used for sensor diagnostics. Also, users can monitor the mV and temperature reading on pH/ORP sensor electronics to assess the life of the electrode, which can save them time and money by preventing system downtime and other system-related problems.
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