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Georg Fischer Type 133 Ball Valve

Mã sản phẩm: Georg Fischer Type 133
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  • Sizes from 3/8 to 4"
  • PVC or CPVC construction
  • Linear flow characteristics
  • Simple design
  • Corrosion resistant
  • EPDM and FPM seals
  • 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz or 24 VDC
  • Socket, threaded or flanged connections
  • Manual override standard
  • Control ball option

The electrically actuated Georg Fischer Type 133 ball valve is a premium actuated valve that is adaptable to a variety of conditions and applications, especially aggressive fluids and industrial applications. The Georg Fischer Type 133 ball valve is equipped with the latest technological improvements such as an optional positioner which converts the simple on/off valve to a precision flow control device which can be integrated into systems controlled by PLCs and other computerized instrumentation.

Designed as a modular unit, the Georg Fischer Type 133 ball valve combines the 546 series ball valve with the EA 21 (EA31 for units 2¼" and larger) electric actuator. The EA 21 / 31 actuator was designed specifically to complement the modularity and flexibility of the 546 series valve and provide a system approach to piping system design.

Georg Fischer EA 21 Electric Actuator

The Georg Fischer EA 21 electric actuator is known for its 100 percent duty cycle for continuous operation, making it the perfect choice for positioning and control. Designed for a long service life of 250,000 cycles, the Georg Fischer EA 21 / 31 electric actuator comes equipped with integrated emergency manual override and automatic adjustment of voltage and frequency for on/off or process control applications. The Georg Fischer EA 21 / 31 electric actuator is available with universal automatic voltage adjustment of 100-230 VAC or a 24 AC/DC power module. Other outstanding features include an IP 67 rated housing manufactured with flame retardant fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene and all stainless steel screws.

The Georg Fischer EA 21 / 31 electric actuator's ISO-Namur connection interface offers greater flexibility in adding accessories, allowing 10 options available in any combination. These include cycle time adjustment, current monitoring, cycle time monitoring, cycle counting, fail safe, heating element, and position feedback for 4 to 20mA input. Users can also quickly obtain status monitoring by installing a display for indication and configuration directly on the actuator. The Georg Fischer EA 21 / 31 electric actuator is CE, CSA, and UL (pending) certified.

Georg Fischer 546 Series Ball Valve

With its modular design, the Georg Fischer 546 series ball valve is ideal for virtually any application. The valve is available in PVC, CPVC. The different materials allow for a variety of chemical applications, and in many cases are an ideal fit for extreme temperatures. Easy installation is achieved with options such as threaded, flanged, or socket end connectors. Modularity allows for changes in the field such as retrofitting and actuator to a manual valve. The Georg Fischer 546 series ball valve was designed to meet the high demand world of industrial valves.

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