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KAVR Series

Mã sản phẩm: KAVR Series
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Alstom Grid

The KAVR is a compact, multi-shot auto-reclose relay with built-in synchronism check features.
It is a compact and simple solution for single or 3-phase reclosing as the first shot. Applicable to all power systems, these relays are user-friendly and enhanced with flexible operating logic.

Single or 3-phase auto-reclosing capacity
KAVR is a multi-shot auto-reclose relay with integral check synchronising for application to feeders switched by a single circuit breaker. Part of the K relay range, it can be integrated into an overall protection and control system via its integral serial communications facility.

The KAVR 130 can be applied for single or 3-phase reclosing, while the KAVR 100 is only for three-phase reclosing. Appropriate for all power systems from distribution to transmission voltages, KAVR relays can be simply configured for both automatic reclosing and manual reclosing interlock.

User-friendly, compact and flexible
Compact, numeric KAVR relays benefit from optimal design. They are equipped with a user-friendly interface and flexible operating logic.

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