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iSTAT i500 High Performance Multifunction Transducer

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Alstom Grid

The iSTAT i500 is a family of high accuracy multifunctional and configurable transducers designed to meet the requirements of all markets worldwide. The family includes both single and 3-phase transducers.

High sampling rates and true RMS measurement give accurate readings under all harmonic conditions, with Measurement accuracy better than 0.2% and Class 0.5S Energy which are suitable for many applications.

The i5MT is a single or 3-phase communicating transducer with 4 input/output modules and more than 120 measurements and also harmonics measurement.  The input/output modules can be factory fitted with a wide range of options.  Select from Analogue, Alarm, Pulse or Watchdog outputs or Analogue, Temperature (PT100), Pulse and Digital inputs to achieve the functionality required.  The i5RD Remote display can be connected to up to 31off  i5MT transducers.

There are 3 single phase transducers i5MC (current), i5MV (voltage, frequency) and i5MS (W, var, VA, I, V, Hz, P Angle, Energy) with 2 input/output modules for Analogue, Alarm or Watchdog outputs.

The iSTAT i500 transducers can be defined with Serial (RS232/RS485), USB or Ethernet communications ports using Modbus RTU/TCP and DNP3 protocols to satisfy utilities worldwide.  

There are also i500 transducers incorporating Data recorders and Power Quality to EN50160.

The i500 transducers use the  QDSP software software to define and store settings.  The configuration, downloading and analysis of recorded data and Power quality data require the Professional version of QDSP.

The DIN rail mounting case is available with utility grade ring or pin terminals.

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