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TTC 001 Time-Temperature Controller

Mã sản phẩm: TTC 001 Time-Temperature Controller
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Athena Controls

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Originally offered as OEM equipment on Blodgett pizza ovens, Athena’s TTC 001 is an easy-tooperate, microprocessor-based, time-temperature controller that is designed to replace #30658, #Y9005, #6685, and #22781 controllers on Blodgett pizza ovens. The controller is easy to install (simply remove the old controller, re-attach wiring, and screw in the new timer using the existing screw holes), offers considerable cost savings over other available pizza oven aftermarket controllers, and features a user-friendly interface with a choice of two overlays that keep the unit clean and provide labeling for the control buttons.
Features and Benefits
• Single thermistor input
• Dual relay outputs
• Easy-to-read, 4 digit LED display, switchable for time, temperature or mode indication
• Three discreet indicators
• Audible alarm
• Single rotating control knob with five snap action push buttons
• Conformally-coated circuit board for protection from potentially harmful environments
• Programmable interval timers
• °F/°C selectable ranges
• 115/230 V selectable power

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