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Valve Automation for the Process Industry

Mã sản phẩm: Valve Automation for the Process Industry
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Asco Valves

Pilot Valves, Pilot Valve Systems and Position Indicators
  • 3-Way Valves - Valves for use with spring return actuators. Pipe Connection: 1/8” through 1” threaded connections. NAMUR: Padmount valves to the NAMUR standards.
  • 4-Way Valves - Valves used with non spring return actuators. Pipe Connection: 1/8” through 1” threaded connections. NAMUR: Padmount valves to the NAMUR standards.

    • 8290 Actuated Globe Valve Assembly - ASCO's 2-way piston operated process valve assembly with HS series position indicator, and solenoid pilot valve. A cost effective alternative to an actuated ball valve assembly, this linear on/off valve is your stand alone solution that can be used in a variety of applications. Versatile, proven, and reliable, the 8290 series process valve is available in Bronze or Stainless Steel. All components are backed and manufactured by ASCO.
    • ATEX Approved Pilot Valves - ASCO is committed to serving the global process market and is now manufacturing ATEX approved pilot valves. These pilot valves are used on process control equipment located in hazardous areas that are required to comply with the ATEX 94/9/EC directive.
    • Functional Safety Solutions - ASCO solenoid pilot valves are an integral part of the final control element for any safety instrumented system (SIS) or critical application. ASCO offers 3 solenoid pilot valve solutions that are widely used in the process control industry; individual 3-way pilot valves, manual reset valves, and redundant pilot valve systems. Each of these solutions are proven in use as a pilot valve in critical applications and in safety instrumented systems. Certified pilot valves per IEC 61508 Parts 1 and 2 are rated SIL 3 capable for domestic and international markets (ATEX). ASCO understands the need to keep your process running, but also understands that the process must shut down when commanded.
    • Offshore Valves - The innovative, highly reliable, and proven T-seal technology design of ASCO’s offshore stainless steel 8361 series pilot valves eliminates the dormancy or “sticking” problems that can occur in control valves installed in the pneumatic logic panels that control monitoring safety systems.

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