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Sensors and Pressure/Temperature Switches

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Asco Valves

Devices for pressure and temperature measurement.


Pressure Sensors ASCO pressure sensors provide accurate measuring and linear electrical output signals for many process fluids. The MEMs based sensor and one-piece pressure cavity provides stable output measurements from 0 to 10,000 psi and supplies high sensitivity, low drift and highly repeatable signaling. Electrical options include flying leads, pins, spade terminals, or explosion-proof or intrinsically safe versions. Mechanical options include panel mounting, 316ss pressure vessel or inconel with process connections of 1/8-1/2 inch NPT, and other specialty threading. Output signal options include 4-20m Amp or 1-5 Volt.

Pressure and Temperature Switches ASCO pressure and temperature switches are a range of miniature to industrial size switches designed to signal when process media reaches a set point of pressure or temperature. The transducer will operate a mechanical snap switch when the set point has been reached, and will reset when the process media conditions drop below the dead band. Options include fixed or adjustable dead band and a a wide range of set points of vacuum to 8000 psi and temperatures of -60ºF to 640ºF (-51ºC to 337ºC).

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